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Blackstone Medical Services provides the industry’s leading brands of sleep apnea equipment and supplies. You will find a partial list of our extensive product selection below. We stock a full inventory of sleep apnea testing equipment Don’t waste one more night of sleep. Get started today!

Portable Sleep Diagnostic Systems

ResMed Package

Apnea Link Device


At Blackstone Medical Services, we use cloud-based telehealth products to better service our patients and physicans. Check out the collection below:

This SpO2 device measures an individual’s oxygen saturation and heart rate without the need for wires or manual data entry. This device is easy-to-use and portable, allowing users to use inside and outside the home.


The Home Hub device serves as a “wireless gateway” and allows for a convenient, affordable way for individuals to portably upload their health meausurement data. This device seves as the central system for monitoring devices such as blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, scales, and more.

This BP Manager device wirelessly measures and sends upper arm blood pressure and heart rate readings to the individual’s healthcare professional. These readings are accurately saved and stored for future reference.


This wireless scale measures, saves and stores accurate weight readings and wirelessly transmits the data to the individual’s healthcare professionals. This device allows users to communicate with personal health coaches and physicians while staying in the comfort of their own home.


The Apnea Link device is a small, easy-to-use device the size of a modern-day cellphone used to meausure respiratory effort, snoring, pulse rate, oxygen saturation and body position for the presence of obstructive sleep apnea. This device allows our patients the opportunity to self-adminsiter a home-based sleep study.

This is what a patient doing a home sleep study with Blackstone Medical Services looks like!